Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock PC Download

Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock PC Download

Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock PC Download, AKA Guitar Hero 3, is a music video game Developed by  Neversoft and published by Activision. The game was released for Windows and Mac OS in late 2007. Critics and the fans acclaimed the game very positively. On the other hand the reviewers noted the difference in the game style. They laid this on the developing team, as it was Neversoft first game in the entire series. The reviewers and public in general cited the game as too difficult. Leaving the gameplay disscusion for the later parts of this article. Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock PC Download, was still very successful and turned many head around. To reiterate the statement by Activision, Guitar Hero 3, was the best selling game of 2007, both in terms of unit sold and revenue generation.

Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock PC Download


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Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock PC Download, Gameplay 

The basic gameplay of Guitar Hero 3 hasn’t changed, comparing to the older installment of the game. In this game player take the role of a guitar player, playing lead, base and rhythmic parts in a rock song. Player will have to match the ongoing Guitar notes on the screen, through their keyboard or a guitar shaped simulator. If a player is using a standard controller instead of the guitar controller, they will have to assign button on their standard controller.

The game simulates hammer-ons and pull-offs for sections with a rapid series of notes.  allowing the player to forgo strumming on specifically marked notes. Missing a note causes the performance meter to drop. When the meter drops too low, the player fails the song, represented in-game by the band being booed off the stage. A string of 10 consecutive correct notes earns a multiplier to increase the player’s score, which can occur up to four times. Special sections, marked by starred notes, can be used to build Star Power.

Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock PC Download


When the player has enough Star Power, they can activate it and further double the scoring multiplier either by tilting the guitar controller vertically or by pressing a specific button on the controller. While Star Power enabled, the performance meter increases more quickly when a correct note is hit, and missing notes have a decreased penalty. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock contains four difficulty levels: Easy, which uses three of the fret buttons; Medium, which makes use of four of the fret buttons; Hard, which uses all five fret buttons; and Expert, which adds no new fret buttons, but increases the number of notes and the general difficulty.

Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock Game Modes 

Career Mode

The single-player Career mode in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock features 8 tiers with 42 songs total. Within each tier, the player completes a number of songs, the number depending on the selected difficulty level, before they are offered an encore performance of one additional song and complete the tier. After a tier is complete, a new tier is introduced.

 Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock includes Career mode boss battles based on the game’s multiplayer Battle mode; at three points during the Career mode, the player must compete against a boss character to progress. Each successfully completed song earns in-game money that the player uses at the game’s store to unlock new characters, outfits, guitars and finishes, bonus songs, and videos. Additionally, completing a song in Career mode unlocks it for play in all other game modes.

Multiplayer Mode

The Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii versions of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock feature online competitive play, in which the player can compete against another user through the console’s network service. There are three modes of online play, Face Off, Pro Face Off, and Battle mode. Face Off challenges are score attack modes introduced in Guitar Hero II where two players attempt to gain the best score on a given song; in the standard Face Off challenge, the players may select different difficulty levels, while Pro Face Off requires the players to play at the same difficulty

Battle Mode 

The Battle mode in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock is a competitive mode between two players either locally or over network play. Two players compete against each other and attempt to make their opponent fail or lose by successfully playing Battle Power sequences, which replaces Star Power sections, to earn attacks that can be used against the opponent. Players can store up to three attacks at a time, and release them by using the same methods used to trigger Star Power in normal gameplay. The resulting effect may either make the song more difficult for the other player by adding additional notes or partially displaying the gem tracks, or may force the opponent to perform special actions to clear the effect, such as by pressing a fret button down repeatedly in response to a broken guitar string effect.

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How To Download Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock PC

Follow the following steps to download Guitar Hero 3: legend of Rock for free on pc.

  1. Open Your  Browser & go to
  2. home page will appear.
  3. Search for “Guitar Hero 3: Legend of Rock” in the search box..
  4. The game will appear, click on the Cover image of the game.
  5. Go through the game article, if you want to gain some pre knowledge about the game.
  6. At the end of of the article, there will be a “Download Link”. Just click on the link.
  7. Your download will start automatically, wait a while, and then install the game and enjoy.

System Requirements For Guitar Hero 3

  • CPU: Intel Pentium D (Dual Core) 2.8GHZ or AMD Athlon 64 3500+.
  • CPU SPEED: 2.8 GHz.
  • RAM: XP – 1 GB RAM, Vista 2GB RAM.
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista.
  • VIDEO CARD: 3D Hardware Accelerator Card Required 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible 128 MB Video Memory (NVIDIA GeForce 7600+ / ATI Radeon X800+).
  • 3D: Yes.
  • HARDWARE T&L: Yes.
  • PIXEL SHADER: 2.0.
  • SOUND CARD: Yes.
  • FREE DISK SPACE: 5.1 GB + 1 GB Swap file.
  • DVD-ROM: DVD 4x.
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHZ or AMD Athlon Dual Core 4400+
  • CPU SPEED: 2.4 GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista
  • VIDEO CARD: 256 MB 3D Hardware Accelerator Card (NVIDIA GeForce 8800+ / ATI Radeon 2600+)
  • 3D: Yes
  • FREE DISK SPACE: 5.1 GB + 1 GB Swap file
  • DVD-ROM: DVD 4x

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