Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Pc Download

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Pc Download

Fall Guys is a platform battle Royale multiplayer video game develop by Mediatonic. Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Pc Download, has a very unique concept. Up to 60 players can play the game. Released on August 4, 2020, this game is available for a variety of platforms. The famous platforms include, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows. This games builds a sense of achievements and competition among it’s players. The nature of the game can be quite complex, but at the same time very very interesting and simple. If you are an ardent gamer you should definitely give Fall Guy Ultimate knockout Pc Download a try.

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More About Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Pc Download

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout was launched, under a unique concept. It gives it’s player a very dark yet a never forgetting experience. This game features bombs, guns, weapons and it’s other dark sides. The highlighted theme of this game has to be it’s fast play and riding purely on your luck.

The Fall guy has successfully launched 6 seasons, the Season six: Party Spectacular. Season 1 was launched in August 2020. The Season 7 will, we all expect, to be  hitting the markets soon. Each season of the Fall Guy has  a very unique themes. The success of a video game is based on the reviews given by its user and critics. The Fall Guy definitely has gained some positive reviews from both the critics and the end user. Above all, the main reason for this game success is, after so many successful season the team hasn’t changed the core gameplay of the game. Consequently, Fall Guy has made a huge fan base for itself.

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Pc Download

Gameplay Of Fall Guy: Ultimate Knockout

The game play of Fall Guy: Ultimate Knockout is very unique yet, at the same time very simple. Up to 60 players, have to compete against each other in overcoming many obstacle coming their way. The player who passes the ongoing round, will be moved up to the next round. The  participant completing the last round, will be deemed victorious.

The players participating in the game would be in the shape of color full jelly beans. Giving it the Oh soo innocent theme. The colored battle arena also add a play full nature to the game. The recipe for wining the game is, the player has to cross the finishing line. Players are able to perform only three moves, which are jump, dive and garb. 

In the main gameplay, basically, the players have to run through the doors in the battle arena. Some of the doors are fixed and they won’t open. If you are lucky, you can run through the open door in the first attempt. Furthermore, the players have to be very careful while walking on the tiled floor of the arena, as some of them can disappear, consequently causing you a life or even the game.


To add misery to the players current misery, there are swinging doors and hanging boulders, from which you have to very careful as they can knock you out. The best strategy is to follow other players steps. But, this is not an ideal strategy as it can cause you to lag behind. The chaos, sometimes gives a very funny angle to the game. The slow rate of playing the game, causes you elimination. This game has three difficulty levels the easy, the moderate and the tough. Its’ not every one’s cup of tea to finish all the levels. Obviously the Player finishing all the rounds is a winner. To cut short our discussion, if you are looking for something ballsy yet innocent at the same time. We recommend you, this Unique Master piece of a game.

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Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Pc Download

Features Of Fall Guy: Ultimate Knockout

The simple gameplay the competitive nature of the game, the vibrant colors, the strategy, if these points are not enough for you lets dive in and explore some more features of the game.

Boredom… What is that? 
The games where you have a chance of 1 out 60 to win. All of us would be bored and frustrated before even the start of the game. But not the case with the Fall Guy: Ultimate Knockout. The reason being it some how converts your frustration into a funny side. Consequently instead of quitting the game out of frustration, you will want to play the game even more.Vibrant Colors 

The best feature for me is the colors used in the game. Leave the gameplay, you would instantly fall in love with the shining colors of your characters and the arena itself.

Customizing Your Characters

the game provides you an in-game currency called “Kudos”, which can be obtained while playing the game. Kudos help the players to purchase emotes, attires, and cosmetics. This way the characters can flaunt by grooming themselves in best attires. Players get “Crown”, which is the premium currency. It can be acquired only by winning the game. The game also supports micro transactions for the purchase of additional in-game currency.

No Age Group

The game is designed in a such a way that, it has no age group. If you are in your teen or you are in your Mid 50s’, and looking for some thing refreshing, the Fall Guy is a perfect match. The competitive nature of the game attracts elder age group, while the so pretty and adorable characters and colors attracts children and female audience.

System Requirements 

  • CPU: Intel Core i5 or AMD equivalent
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • OS: Windows 10 64bit only
  • VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7950

Download Link 

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